Professional Training

There are lots of ways Lorraine Lee Training can be an asset to your school, your home, your teachers and your children.


Parent workshops are a fantastic way of gathering parents together to talk about the things currently relevant to them. They enable parents to have some input on what their child’s stage of development is trying to achieve, how they are likely to behave and the most useful tips and techniques for that stage.

Please use the tabs below (General / Age Specific / Special Interest) for a full list of workshops. If you have a bespoke requirement for your parents please contact us to discuss this further


Teacher training sessions tackle all the key information on emotions and behaviour for the age of children in the school. Training is offered from Early Years settings right through to teachers working with children in college. Having a deep knowledge of these two factors enables teachers to ensure that children are settled, focused and ready to learn to their full potential. The length of training sessions can be tailored to fit into the time of your normal staff meeting.

Please click on the tabs below for ideas on topics or contact us to discuss you training needs more fully.


Click on the links to find out more information INSET day training:

Key Stage 1 and 2
Key Stage 3 and 4


Organising training or workshops across a cluster of schools is often very effective in equipping families and teachers with the same information. It means costs can be shared and programmes of workshops can be run rather than one off sessions. We are always happy to come along to cluster meeting to talk about the innovative training we offer.

If you require more information, please contact us.

The content of these workshops is tailored to the specific age range of children.

Helping your child do well at school and at home

Managing anger and strong emotions

Positive discipline (parts 1&2)

Helping children manage their online life

Helping children manage worry and anxiety

Boosting confidence, resilience and self-esteem

Creating a positive rhythm for homework

Understanding development 1-4 years

Helping toddlers manage frustrations and fears

Starting School

Primary school development and play

Managing primary school friendships

Puberty and what to expect

Creating a positive transition to secondary school

Helping children positively manage homework

Understanding adolescent boys

Understanding adolescent girls

Staying connected to teenagers

Developing skills for planning, remembering and prioritisation

Helping adolescent children manage friendship and peer pressure

Positively supporting revision and exams

Helping the sibling relationship to grow

Understanding temperament

Using Love Languages to boost confidence

Helping children with anxiety

Overcoming peer pressure and negative body image